Rectangle Pay offers a Virtual Terminal and Gateway that turns your computer, Internet connection or Website into a virtual register. With no additional equipment or software to buy, you can begin using our payment gateway to accept credit cards today. We have developed a secure and reliable payment gateway solution that enables our online merchants to process credit card transactions securely and seamlessly from anywhere in the world, at any time

Our Gateway is perfect for any business model, you have the ability to initiate transactions or credits with only a web browser. Our gateway offers a secure Login, a virtual terminal, billing page functionality, recurring billing, and sales reporting by card type, product type, time period or customer. Integration with your merchant systems will allow you to have deposit and fund transfer reconciliation along with chargeback reconciliation reporting and other email notification of critical events for your account management.

We are compatible with most shopping carts.


  • Subscription $79 per month

  • For each $50,000 in business, you pay $79 per month
    plus .08 cents per authorization 

What is included  

  • No Statement Fees

  • No Monthly Minimum Fees

  • No Annual Fees

  • No Pci Compliance Fees

    *Pci Compliance must be completed within 30 days

  • No Batch Fees

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • Online Reporting

  • Free EMV Machine

  • Free Pos Integration

Non-Card Present

  • Additional Terminals are Subject to a $29 monthly Fee Based on your Volume. If you require more than 5, please notate in the comment section.
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