Cash Discount

Do you want to accept credit cards, without having to pay monthly fees? We can save you thousands of dollars a year by making the switch to our Cash Discount Program. 

 This is a legal program that can be used in all 50 states and is provided by our processor and was created to offer merchants an alternative to standard credit card processing. With our Cash Discount Program, merchants will reduce their credit card processing costs by applying a small service charge to each sale they make.

 We can do it for Card Present Businesses – Retail Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Salons and we can do it for NON-Card Present Businesses as well, Any business can use this program!


  • $29 per month

What is included  

  • No Statement Fees

  • No Monthly Minimum Fees

  • No Annual Fees

  • No Pci Compliance Fees

    *Pci Compliance must be completed within 30 days

  • No Batch Fees

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • Online Reporting

  • Free EMV Machine

  • Free Pos Integration

Cash Discount

  • Additional Terminals are Subject to a $29 monthly Fee Based on your Volume. If you require more than 5, please notate in the comment section.
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