Rectangle Pay is the brainchild of Nationwide Payment Systems Inc. we have been in the payment industry since  2001 and we service thousands of merchants across the United States. Rectangle Pay was set up to work with merchants want to sign up for our services through our automated system, we work with merchants of all sizes in a variety of industries, we work with several front-end processors which enable us to work with just about any hardware, software and business type.

Rectangle Pay is a subscription FinTech Service

When you engage with Rectangle Pay we offer you everything you need at a flat subscription rate, no salespeople to negotiate with unless you need a custom solution. We are here to help guide you through the process of getting everything set up involving payment processing.

Interchange Busting  Secrets – Your Bank is not your friend when it comes to Interchange.

“Most” banks issue credit cards 99% of what you pay on your merchant statement is Interchange – so when it comes to “Optimizing” Interchange your bank is not going to do that as they make money from Interchange. However, Rectangle Pay has banking partners who do not issue credit cards, using our gateways we help you optimize Interchange which can result in reducing your fees up to 1% in some case and in other cases more!

Whether your a new business, start-up, e-commerce, low risk, medium risk, a high risk we tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Rectangle Pay is a full-service provider offering a wide range of Technology for payment processing, we are constantly updating our technology list to bring you the newest Fin-Tech. We excel at providing excellent customer service through toll-free numbers, equipment warranties, email, online reporting, and 24-7 service.
All of our hardware and software is EMV ready and PCI compliant! So you are ready to go, with the latest technology for your business.

Rectangle Pay – your subscription merchant service, one price includes everything you need, the latest technology along with great support and service from our team!

Pick a plan, choose a custom option or connect to our API and will put together a program that will work for your business.